Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Links of Note

 * Open access Classics resources

* John McGinnis and Rahim Acar, Arabic and Islamic Philosophy, at the SEP

* Alice Sowaal, Mary Astell, at the SEP

* Boaz Faraday Schuman, John Buridan on the Eucharist (PDF)

* John G. Brungardt, Series on the Summa Contra Gentiles

* Clare Coffey, Selling Friends, at "Plough"

* Chad Engelland, Three Versions of the Question, 'Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing?'  (PDF)

* Rocky Brittain, Human Happiness and Virtue, at "The Josias"

* Danny DeVito interviews Arnold Schwarzenegger, at "Interview Magazine".

* Szymon Bogacz & Koji Tanaka, Dharmakirtian Inference (PDF)

* Tiger Roholt, Smartphones and Meaningfulness, at "The APA Blog"

* Åsa Burman, Telic power and its application

* Christian Browne reviews Joseph T. Stuart's Rethinking the Enlightenment: Faith in the Age of Reason.

* Michael Edwards, The Bible and Poetry, at "The Paris Review"

* Zina B. Ward, William Whewell, Cluster Theorist of Kinds (PDF)

* Jacob Schmutz, Second Scholasticism as History of Philosophy (scroll down)