Friday, September 29, 2023

Links of Note

 * One of the world's most famous trees, the Sycamore Gap Tree growing near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland National Park, was recently cut down by a vandal in the middle of the night. It was believed to be about three hundred years old. British police are investigating who might have done it and the National Trust is investigating whether the stump is healthy enough to salvage in order to regrow a tree.

* Colin Guthrie King, False ἔvδοξα and fallacious argumentation (PDF)

* Frederick D. Aquino & Logan Paul Gage, Newman and Quasi-Fideism: A Reply to Pritchard (PDF)

* John Farrell reviews Laurence Moran's What's in Your Genome?, at "Commonweal"

* Andrew Peet, Deciding What We Mean (PDF), on stipulation

* Christopher Hauser, Aquinas on Persons, Psychological Subjects, and the Coherence of the Incarnation (PDF)

* Julian Hess, Mark Twain's Innovative Notes, at "Noted", on Mark Twain's most successful book during his lifetime -- his self-adhesive scrapbook -- as well as other Twain innovations on note-taking.

* Peter John Hartman, Durand of St.-Pourçain’s Moderate Reductionism about Hylomorphic Composites (PDF)

* The Feminist Philosophy Archive Directory

* Manuel Fasko, ‘The compound mass we term SELF’ – Mary Shepherd on selfhood and the difference between mind and self (PDF)

* Julia Hejduk, Vergil's secret message, at ""

* Dhananjay Jagannathan, A Defense of Aristotelian Justice (PDF)

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