Thursday, December 07, 2023

Links of Note

 * Scott Smith, A Misidentified Dogma -- Misadventures in Peer Review, at "Reduced Culpability"

* John Simpson reviews Michael Wood's In the Footsteps of Du Fu, at "The Guardian"

* Liva Rotkale, Species and Genus as Mutual Parts in Aristotle: A Hylomorphic Account (PDF)

* David Bryce Yaden and Derek Anderson, The psychology of philosophy: Associating philosophical views with psychological traits in professional philosophers

* Robert Zaretsky, Thought Experimenters, reviews Wolfram Eilenberger's The Visionaries, at "The American Scholar". As more than a few people have noted about the book, Arendt, Beauvoir, Rand, and Weil are are weird selection to lump together; literally the only thing they have in common is being women in about the 1930s and 40s.

* Serge Grigoriev, History Will Judge: Hume's General Point of View in Historical Moral Judgment (PDF)

* Vivan Mizrahi, The Nature of Timbre

* Edward Feser, Science, metaphysics, and the everyday world, at "The Catholic World Report"

* David Friedell, Creating abstract objects (PDF)

* Seth Mandel, A Truly Terrible Idea on Campus Anti-Semitism, at "Commentary"

* Paul Nedelisky, Nothing Personal, on Derek Parfit, at "The Hedgehog Review"

* Fernando Martins Mendonça, The Dialectical Syllogism in Aristotle's Topics (PDF)

* At, Gary Greenberg has some really lovely microscope photography

* Ruxandra Teslo, Misinformation studies as "Scientific" thought control, at "Ruxandra's Substack"

* Jeremy Page & Elisabeth Schellekans Dammann, Respect, Responsibility and Ruins (PDF)

* Steve Tibble, Have Sword Will Travel: The Templars as Military Consultants, at ""

* Douglas A. Anderson, Raymond Chandler's Fantasies, at "Wormwordiana"

* Elliot Polsky, The Real Distinction Between Posit and Nature in Angels in Thomas Aquinas (PDF)

* Jonathan Egid, Forging philosophy, on pseudonymity in philosophy, at ""

* Lyman Stone attempts to calculate the approximate population of Middle Earth, using the standard methods of demographic historians:
How Many Hobbits? A Demographic Analysis of Middle Earth
How Many Hobbits? Middle Earth Population by People Group

* Michelle Liu, How to Think About Zeugmatic Oddness (PDF)

* Pew Research has an interesting report on Spirituality among Americans.

* Nicholas Clairmont, Warm Planet, Cool Heads, reviews Mike Hulme's Climate Change Isn't Everything, at "The New Atlantis"

* Stewart Duncan, Morality and Relations Before Hume (PDF)

* Ben Caplan, E. E. Constance Jones on Existence in a Region of Supposition