Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Links of Note

 * Bartosz Żukowski, Richard Burthogge's Theory of Cognition as a Prefiguration of Kantian Idealism (PDF)

* Justin Smith-Ruiu, Creative Writing as Philosophy, at "Justin Smith-Ruiu's Hinternet"

* Sara Bernstein & Daniel Nolan, Creeped Out (PDF), an attempt at a philosophical analysis of creepiness.

* Kathleen Murphy-Hollies, The Know-How of Virtue

* Rob Alspaugh, Aquinas on Benefit of the Doubt, at "Teaching Boys Badly"

* Editorial: U.S. Colleges are overusing -- and underpaying -- adjunct professors, at the LA Times

* Lorne Falkenstein, Hume on 'Genuine,' 'True,' and 'Rational' Religion (PDF)

* Andres Ayala, The Absolute Primacy of the Intellect in Aquinas: A Reaction to Fabro's Position (PDF)

* Megan Basham, Follow the Money to The After Party, at "First Things"

* Daniel Rubio, In defense of qua-Christology (PDF)

* Nathan Salmón, On What Exists (PDF), discusses Quine's theory of ontological commitment

* Kenny Pearce, Xunzi and Le Guin on Ritual and Social Structure

* Nicholas Dunn, Kant on Moral Feeling and Practical Judgment (PDF)

* Jason W. Carter, Fatalism and False Futures in De Interpretatione 9 (PDF)

* Francis FitzGibbon, Jurors' Consciences, at "LRB Blog"

* Nick Riggle, Aesthetic Value and the Practice of Aesthetic Valuing (PDF)

* Brendan Hodge, A school of vocations, at "The Pillar", looks at the state of Catholic schooling