Sunday, March 24, 2024

Thou Little Veil for so Great Mystery

Sonnet -- To a Daisy
by Alice Meynell 

Slight as thou art, thou art enough to hide,
 Like all created things, secrets from me,
 And stand a barrier to eternity.
And I, how can I praise thee well and wide? 

 From where I dwell—upon the hither side?
 Thou little veil for so great mystery,
 When shall I penetrate all things and thee,
And then look back? For this I must abide, 

 Till thou shalt grow and fold and be unfurled
 Literally between me and the world.
 Then I shall drink from in beneath a spring, 

 And from a poet’s side shall read his book.
 O daisy mine, what will it be to look
 From God’s side even of such a simple thing?