Sunday, May 19, 2024

Only the Act Continued Everywhere

 Only the Act continued everywhere. The phrase of the New Testament -- 'He was known of them in the breaking of bread' -- remained true and became more widely true, although the knowledge was not intellectually epigrammatized. The relation of the elements to the Sacred Body was called sometimes identity, sometimes figure or symbol. But neither figure nor symbol implied separation; each word implied an interior closeness which they have perhaps with us lost. The Act was priestly, by Christ and for Christ; the mysterious sacrifice was of Christ; and Christ in it was the food of man. The sacrifice was offered not only on earth but in the heights of the heavens. He offered, who was the offering, and there was as yet no controversy in the Church.

[Charles Williams, The Figure of Arthur, in C. S. Lewis, ed., Arthurian Torso: Containing the Posthumous Fragment of the Figure of Arthur, Oxford University Press (Oxford: 1948) p. 14.]