Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Links of Note

 * Ori Herstein & Ofer Malcai, The Procedure of Morality (PDF)

* Joel J. Miller, Protesting the Decline of Reading, at "Miller's Book Review"

* Jeff Ziegler, “A Child Is Not the Mere Creature of the State”, at AIER

* Victor Salas, John of St. Thomas (Poinsot) on the Science of Sacred Theology (PDF)

* Michael J. Raven, Physicalism and its Challenges in Social Ontology (PDF)

* Angela Alaimo O'Donnell has a nice article on Dion Dimucci, at "America"

* Philip Neri-Reese, O.P., Losing the Forest for the Tree: Why All Thomists Should (Not) Be River Forest Thomists (PDF)

* Francesca Peacocke, Her Blazing World, at "Aeon", on Margeret Cavendish

* Leonardo Bich, Organisational teleology 2.0: Grounding biological purposiveness in regulatory control (PDF)

* Shannon Vallor, The Danger Of Superhuman AI Is Not What You Think, at "NOEMA"

* P. Edmund Wallstein, Christendom Standing Still, at "The European Conservative"

* Scott Harkema, Berkeley on true motion (PDF)

* Vikram Kumar,  _Disciplina et veritas_: Augustine on Truth and the Liberal Arts (PDF)

* Reece Edmends, Cicero’s Appeal to Natural Law in 43 BC, at "JHI Blog"