Friday, June 25, 2004

And Yes, I Say 'Weblog' Rather than 'Blog'!

Weblogs are ultimately rather monotonous - superficial diaries, deep pools of social cynicism, endless political bickering. The topology of the so-called 'blogosphere' is almost always the same, and the only surprises it holds is that there are an astounding number of Catholic Republicans writing weblogs and that people are actually fairly ingenious when it comes to thinking up names.

Nonetheless, there are some interesting weblogs out there. Here are some that I have found; naturally, they tend to follow my interests. (Naturally, their being listed here is not a mark that I agree with everything they say; in particular, I eschew partisan politics and I like cats enough to know that dogs are the cat's meow.)

Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise: The weblog of The New Yorker's music critic.

Everyday Elitism...maybe: Good taste in books.

Ravishing Light: A pro-U.S. Canadian in Ottawa.

Infinity Ranch: Musings about law, politics, and other things.

Chris' Bible Study: Very insightful.

The Never Ending Story Blog: This reminds me of the story-telling game in Alcott's Little Women.

The Terrorists: A dog's stand against the Great Cat Conspiracy.

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