Saturday, June 26, 2004

Musing on This Whole Weblog Thing

One of the tricky things (for me, at least) about this blogging business is that I am primarily doing it for my own benefit - slowly working out various ideas on all sorts of issues, gathering resources together, etc. - but, naturally, it's published as well. I am scarcely so egotistical as to think that my interests, except under a very broad level of description, coincide with anyone else's, nor would I be much bothered if no one were interested at all in what goes on here. It's all just a notebook for ideas, so there's no great loss in no one reading it. At the same time, it would be a shame if no one who came across it found it interesting.

There's no help for this, I suppose. It seems like a number of other things. I dabble in poetry; mostly I do it for my own sake, to improve my language skills and rethink the way I look at things. I would not be bothered if they were never considered great or even better than mediocre. Nonetheless I would be a bit put out if no one enjoyed them. Moral of the musement: Human beings are social creatures even in the things they do primarily for themselves.

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