Thursday, September 16, 2004

Christian Carnival XXXV

The newest Christian Carnival is up at Rebecca Writes. My submission is here. This Carnival is organized on a George Herbert theme, which is nice; Herbert, I think, is one of the best short-poem writers in the English language. His poetic diction has the quality that is the perfect blend of what would have once been called courtesy and homeliness - roughly, nobility like that of the royal court and at-home-ness like that of everday life. This is great for religious poetry, and indeed, for religious prose, as Julian of Norwich's works show. In any case, some of the entries I found especially interesting:

* Conditions of Love at "CowPi Journal," on unconditional love, of course

* Even a Drugstore in the Middle of Nowhere Can Be a Teacher at "Belief Seeking Understanding," about Wall Drug at Wall, South Dakota. I've been there (I spent two years of high school in South Dakota)

* Sunday Shopping at "ChristWeb," a reflection on blue laws and shopping on Sunday.

* "Parableman" has The Name of the Trinity

* There are also several remembrances of September 11; I recommend reading them all

Go see!

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