Thursday, September 16, 2004

I'm a Caring, Thoughtful, Confident, Humbly Intolerant Good Listener....

You are MOSES!
Which Old Testament Character are you?

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You are the Lighthouse of Alexandria!
You are the Lighthouse of Alexandria!

Always there to help, you are a caring and
thoughtful person. A good listener and loyal
companion, you avoid the spotlight and any
confrontation. As the Lighthouse of
Alexandria, you strive to give support to
others and to be a friend during times of
trouble. Dependable and trustworthy, you are
the one person that anyone can talk to when
they need an ear. Often indecisive, you prefer
to give in rather than to fight.

What Wonder of the Ancient World are you?
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I suppose I never really thought about lighthouses avoiding the spotlight....

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