Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Poetry Index

The following are drafts of poems written by me and put up on this blog. They are of varying quality.

Age of Wonders

A Graduate Student Thinks of Footnotes

All the Skeptics Do Not Know

Cartesian Meditations

Love's Madness

Mary's Magnificat

On Being Stuck in an Airport



Stabat Mater Dolorosa

The Battle

The Flood, the Phoenix, and the Hind

The Light Is a Tiger Pouncing

The Sorrow of the Shepherd Boy

The Striving

The Trees Are Not Awake

Two Lovers

We All Have Voices

Alcestis Cycle
1. Lament of Alcestis
2. Elders of Pherae
3. Alcestis and Admetus
4. Lament of Admetus

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