Friday, January 28, 2005

City of Roses

I made it safe and sound to Portland, Oregon, and will be here today and tomorrow, flying back Sunday. Today I'm mostly doing what I can to avoid being too much under foot, and then I'll be going to the rehearsal dinner tonight; tomorrow's the wedding.

The weather here is astonishingly good; it's quite a break after Toronto with its cold spell and winter storms (I am enjoying not having to wade through snow). The flight went well; my first leg was delayed, but since I had a long layover in Houston that didn't bother me a bit. The in-flight movie from Houston to Portland was Vanity Fair; I think I remember Miriam Burstein commenting on it and its relation to the book at The Little Professor, so I'll have to go back and read those. Blogging is one of the best things to happen to movie critique in a long while; it is conducive to widespread and well-developed cinematic taste.

More reports on any interesting happenings, if any, later.

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