Friday, January 28, 2005


A quick whirlwind tour:

* Ed Cook (I keep wanting to call him 'Ralph') at "Ralph the Sacred River" has an essay up on C. S. Lewis's Argument from Desire, responding to a set of criticisms to it. He also has an interesting post on George Steiner. I've always liked Steiner, but I've sometimes felt he was a bit sloppy about the details.

* Bill Vallicella at "The Maverick Philosopher" has a very good post on Christ and reduplicatives. I think the general thrust is quite right: reduplicatives, as I've said before, aren't a Christology, and I think they do push us to look at some sort of mereology (analysis of parts and wholes). And, indeed, when the scholastics look at the consistency of the Incarnation, their primary response is to talk parts and wholes. So I think there's a lot that's potentially fruitful here. I find mereology a bit tricky, so won't attempt any on the fly. Vallicella has recently enabled comments; use the privilege wisely!

* I haven't had the time to put it up on the sidebar yet, but Studi Galileiani is a great weblog for those who like history and philosophy of science.

* John Depoe at "Fides Quaerens Intellectum" has a post on an argument for the A-theory of time. I'm not convinced, but then I'm skeptical of premises (1) and (2).

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