Saturday, April 02, 2005

Lord Peter on Investigation

'Bunter,' said Lord Peter, as the kitchen door closed behind them, 'do you know why I am doubtful about the success of those rat experiments?'

'Meaning Dr Hartman's, my lord?'

'Yes. Dr Hartman has a theory. In any investigation, my Bunter, it is most damnably dangerous to have a theory.'

'I have heard you say so, my lord.'

'Confound you - you know it as well as I do! What is wrong with the doctor's theories, Bunter?'

'You wish me to reply, my lord, that he only sees the facts which fit into the theory.'

'Thought-reader!' exclaimed Lord Peter bitterly.

From "The Footsteps That Ran," in Dorothy L. Sayers's Lord Peter Views the Body (Coronet Books: 1992) p. 158.

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