Friday, April 01, 2005

Some Break Reading and a Thousand Carnivals

* Great minds think alike: while I was writing my aphorisms on hypocrisy, Caleb was blogging about charges of hypocrisy in democratic discussions.

* Blessed Antoni Gaudí? It soon could be. And, as the article says, he's in very select company; finding artist-saints is tough work. The Blessed Fra Angelico is about the only game in town. Gaudí, of course, is best known for the unfinished Sagrada Familia.

* Chris at "Mixing Memory" has an interesting post on the use of analogies in reasoning about politics.

* "Chapati Mystery" speculates on the word 'Termagant'. According to many medieval European sources, "Termagant" was the deity worshipped by Muslims; it's found, for instance, in the Chanson de Roland (I had forgotten that until I saw the word again).

* Christian Carnival #63 is up at "Weapons of Mass Distraction". By my rough count there are over 60 entries. The Catholic Carnival (#23) is at "Living Catholicism". Where in the world did the Carnival of the Reformation go? (By the way, Haveil Havelim #15 is worth reading. 'Haveil havelim' means 'vanity of vanities', and is the Carnival for Jewish bloggers; #15, of course, was the Purim Carnival.)

* The Vox Apologia apologetics carnival for next week will have the theme "The Ontological Argument: Strengths and Weaknesses". Deadline is April 3. If I have time and will I might whip up something. In any case, I'll be very interested to see what's submitted, and you can bet I'll comment on any entries.

* The fifth History Carnival is up at "Clioweb". It includes sepoy's Termagant post, and as usual there are some interesting reflections on historical method and pedagogy. There are also several good posts on women's history. Particularly interesting are "Frog in a Well"'s post on historical analogies, "Rhine River"'s post on Tacitus in the classroom, and "Mode for Caleb"'s post on Teaching Texts (which I've linked to before).

* Don't forget to send me your submissions to the Poetry Carnival (deadline April 15).

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