Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Free Will Blogging

Sorry to be linking so much, but I just had to link to two posts on free will. The first is Harry Potter on Compatibilism and Self-fulfilling Prophecies at "The Garden of Forking Paths". I'm not convinced that compatibilism actually comes into play, because I don't see anything in Potter's view that's particularly compatibilist. But that's perhaps because the author is reading it as a sort of Frankfurt-style example, and I take the minority view that Frankfurt-style examples don't have any relevance at all to the question of compatibilism (a claim I've suggested before on this weblog), because they aren't really relevant to much of anything. In any case, it raises interesting questions in a fun way.

The other is Free Will Blogging at "Majikthise." I basically agree (except with the claim that there have ever been convincing arguments against free will, since I've never seen one that wasn't a fairly obvious bit of handwaving and question-begging).

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