Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Forgery, Pseudepigrapha, and Apocrypha

There is a fascinating discussion on the biblioblogs that's devoted to the conceptual analysis of 'forgery', particularly as it applies to the study of ancient texts. Some of the posts in question:

* "Forgery" (deceit) or "pseudonymity" (admiration): Ehrman's take at "Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean" (Sep. 18)

* Lying and Deception: Prologue at "The Busybody" (Sep. 19)

* Lying and Deception in Homo Sapiens at "The Busybody" (Sep. 24)

* Lying and Deception in Honor-Shame Societies at "The Busybody" (Sep. 25)

* Lying and Deception in Authorship at "The Busybody" (Sep. 28)

* The Seriousness of Forgery in Late Antiquity at "Hypotyposeis" (Sep. 30)

* Ancient "forgery" debate continues on other blogs at "Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean" (Oct. 1)

* Toward an Understanding of “Forgery”: Metzger at "Hypotyposeis" (Oct. 2)

* Toward an Understanding of “Forgery”: Speyer at "Hypotyposeis" (Oct. 3)

Serendipitously, Richard has a post on Truth and Lies at "Philosophy, etc."

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