Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The wedding went well. It was at a lovely vineyard, and, except for a bit of rain, everything worked exactly as it was supposed to work. It was great fun seeing friends, of course. I also saw Serenity. It was awesome.

Bloggers were busy while I was gone. Some interesting things that floated around the blogosphere in my absence:

* Sharon discusses Ghosts, murders and providenceat EMN.

* At "Dappled Things" Father Jim discusses ethics and futurism.

* The History Carnival is up at "Apocalyptic Historian".

* Rebecca discusses the delights of potatoes at "Rebecca Writes." She also has a post on one of my favorite Biblical characters.

* Johnny-Dee muses on the possibility of whether the only real objects are fundamental particles in his post, Do Mid-Sized Objects Exist?

* Jeremy discusses moral luck in Battlestar Galactica at "Parableman."

UPDATE: First Things has a weblog. (HT: Redeem the Time)

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