Saturday, February 11, 2006


* Abbé Suger and a Medieval Theory of Light at "Philolog". Suger is always fascinating; I did a short post on him some time ago, with useful links.

* "The Little Professor" has some great links on Victorian spirit photography.

* Alejandro at "Reality Conditions" reviews Nagel's The Last Word. I'll probably be posting something on it in the next few days; I agree with the basic point of the review, but I think, for example, that Nagel can be defended from the charge that he is inflating his result to get the 'Platonic-Cartesian' theory of reason. Indeed, I think that one of Nagel's successful suppositions is that it really doesn't take much to push one to the point of holding such a theory of reason -- it's the opposing, empiricist theory of reason that is a stretch. So I'll be discussing that at some point.

* Sharon points out this beginning-level medieval Latin tutorial. Also, see Experience Latin with Fr. Reginald Foster.

* Tomorrow is the birthday-anniversary of Charles Darwin, who would be 197. It's also Lincoln's birthday, Cotton Mather's birthday, and the anniversary of the deaths of Lady Jane Grey, Immanuel Kant, and Richard Dedekind; and it is the anniversary of the founding of Georgia. I mention it in case any of you bloggers lack things to talk about tomorrow....

* UPDATE: There's an interesting post on The Jews in John's Gospel at "Better Bible Blogs". I discussed this issue from a more purely literary side some time ago. The first key to translating well is to read well; which is a difficult thing to do, but necessary (as I think cases like this show).

UPDATE 2: In the comments Clark asks about Greek tutorials. Some possibilities that look promising:

Ancient Greek Tutorials
Little Greek 101: Learning New Testament Greek (incomplete, but what's there looks good)

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