Saturday, July 08, 2006

That Seductive Psychosis of Resemblances

How gullible are you? What kind of anti-Catholic novel would be most likely to reel you in?

You are most gullible when it comes to CONSPIRACY THEORY NOVELS and other challenges to history as we know it. There is just something so convincing about the way writers in the Thriller genre analyse for you what really happened during historical events you've never even heard of before. These are likely also historical events you will never bother to study on your own afterwards. Yet there is more evidence that the authors of these novels, rather than the smug powers that be, are the ones banking on your ignorance and your willingness to believe anything you are told. Why not get a clue and find yourself something written by a reputable historian? It won't have the page-turning suspense, the stunning plot twists and the torrid romances, but it's the truth you're really interested in anyway, right?
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