Saturday, July 08, 2006


It is good to be present when the ordinary is trans­formed; when the dull plain garments of a peasant become shining white, and the obscure “mountain place, apart,” comes into the gaze of centuries. It is good to see the commonplace illumined and the glory of the common people revealed. On the Mount of Transfiguration there is no representative of wealth, social rank or official position. The place could boast in the way of population only four poor men, mem­bers of a despised race, and of the remnant of a sub­jected and broken nation. But it is here, instead of Jerusalem or Rome, that the voice of God is heard. It is here, instead of Mount Moriah, where the mighty temple stands, that the cloud of glory hovers. Out there where a carpenter and three fishermen kept vigil with the promise of a new day, God is a Living Reality and life is charged with meaning and radi­ance. Out there in a deserted place, the meek and lowly is enhaloed.

Vernon Johns, "Transfigured Moments"

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