Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Philosophia Naturalis

To celebrate St. Albert's Day, I thought I'd provide a few links to recent science-oriented posts in the blogosphere that I've found interesting.

* Coturnix at "A Blog Around the Clock" discusses circadian rhythms.

* Michelle at "The Culture of Chemistry" introduces us to the meaning of the term 'eutectic'.

* Jennifer Ouellette discusses wireless energy transfer at the "Industrial Physics Forum" weblog.

* Andrew Jaffe at "Leaves on the Line" reviews Paul Davies's The Goldilocks Dilemma.

* Jacques Distler at "Musings" discusses the role of rigor in physics.

* Mark at "Chemistry World blog" points to the link between Damascus swords and carbon nanotubes.

* Derek Lowe at "In the Pipeline" discusses chemical disposal in scientific contexts.

* Carl Zimmer at "The Loom" talks about the sequencing of the bee genome.

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