Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Links and Notes and Bits, Oh My!

* "The Brooks Blog" hosts the fortieth Philosopher's Carnival. The posts on shaming punishments are particularly interesting.

* John Birkenmeier argues that in some ways 1204 would be a better date for the beginning of the Great Schism than the usual 1054; 1204, of course, is significant for being the year of the Sack of Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade.

* Mark Lauterbach is reflecting on Jonathan Edwards's chapter on censorious thoughts in his commentary on I Corinthians 13. Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV

* A nice article at physicsweb on Maxwell.

* Archbishop Terry Buckle discusses the Book of Common Prayer's Advent Collect at "TheAnglicanPlanet.net". Hat tip to Magic Statistics.

* I love radio theater. So I was pleased to find that the "On the Night Before Christmas" episode of Fibber McGee and Molly can be found at YouTube. It's in two parts: I, II.

You can also listen to Imagination Theater's "This is Christmas" episode on the Imagination Theater website. Imagination Theater usually does episodes on detective fiction lines, which I find a bit more interesting; the Christmas episode is a bit candy-cane-and-sugarplum for my taste; but it's more interesting than the sort you usually get on TV.

* Thomas Shepard on the four strait gates at "Reformation Theology".

* Chris notes that you can find Nietzsche's insanity letters online. The best one, I've always thought, is the one to Franz Overbeck:

To friend Overbeck and wife.

Although you have so far demonstrated little faith in my ability to pay, I yet hope to demonstrate that I am somebody who pays his debts—for example, to you. I am just having all anti-Semites shot.



* Clayton has a post on the possibility that the Bush Presidential Library may be on the SMU campus, and the problems with that.

* I'll be at the Eastern meeting of the American Philosophical Association briefly on Thursday and Friday of next week. If anyone is also going and would like to meet up for coffee or lunch or something, e-mail me at branemrys[at]yahoo[dot]com, and we'll see if we can work something out.


* Tim Enloe at "Societas Christiana" has a post on Revenge in the Oresteian Trilogy. Incidentally, the chain whence this weblog gets its name makes an appearance.

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