Saturday, January 06, 2007

Currently Reading

Some interesting online papers and drafts I am currently reading:

* Elisabeth Camp's Poesis Without Metaphor (PDF) (ht: OPP)

* Mark Cowling's Marxism and Criminology: Three Puzzles

* Alexander Pruss's Ex nihilo nihil fit: Arguments New and Old for the Principle of Sufficient Reason

* Alexander Pruss's Some Recent Progress on the Cosmological Argument (PDF)

* Douglas Walton's Are Some Modus Ponens Arguments Deductively Invalid? (PDF)

* Douglas Walton's St. Anselm and the Logical Syntax of Agency (PDF)

* Ronna Burger's Self-Restraint and Virtue: Sages and Philosophers in Maimonides' Eight Chapters (PDF)

* Heidi M. Ravven's How Jewish Philosophy Could Help Standard Philosophical Ethics Out of its Dead End (PDF)

* Martin Yaffe's Interpreting Spinoza's Ethics as a 'System': Moses Mendelssohn's Morning Hours (PDF)

* Robert Innis's Royce and Religious Naturalism (PDF)

* Against Arguments from Reference (PDF) by Mallon, Machery, Nichols, and Stich

* Wayne Martin's Transcendental Philosophy and Atheism (PDF)

* Christopher P. Long's Toward a Dynamic Conception of ousia: Rethinking an Aristotelian Legacy (ht: Fido the Yak)

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