Friday, January 05, 2007

Eve of Epiphany

Today is the Vigil of Epiphany, which is perhaps the best name for a holy day ever. It is also called the Eve of Epiphany, Vigil of Theophany, and Eve of Theophany. It is also Twelfth Night, and was occasionally such a time of revel that Shakespeare wrote a play, also called What You Will, that has come to be known by that name. Those of you who aren't so much into revel should at least take a little time to enjoy the revel that is Illyria.

Another good thing to do this time of year is re-read Ben-Hur, in which the theme of Epiphany plays an integral role. The following is from the story of Melchior in Chapter IV:

"One night I walked by the shores of the lake, and spoke to the listening silence, 'When will God come and claim his own? Is there to be no redemption?' Suddenly a light began to glow tremulously out on the water; soon a star arose, and moved towards me, and stood overhead. The brightness stunned me. While I lay upon the ground, I heard a voice of infinite sweetness say, 'Thy love hath conquered. Blessed art thou, O son of India! The redemption is at hand. With two others, from far quarters of the earth, thou shalt see the Redeemer, and be a witness that he hath come. In the morning arise, and go meet them; and put all thy trust in the Spirit which shall guide thee.'"

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