Friday, January 05, 2007

Even the CofE Joined In

I loved this passage from a recent entry at "Bede's Journal":

Not only has Richard Dawkins finally persuaded the Church of England to defend Christianity (a task previously regarded as impossible by many Christians), he has even united many of traditional Christianity's opponents in castigating his book, The God Delusion.

The first part of the sentence is priceless. Bede notes John Cornwell's and H. Allen Orr's recent reviews, which join the growing pile.

I was amused recently by some discussion at Science Blogs that was started by this clever twist on the Emperor's New Clothes story by Myers at "Pharyngula"; it was enthusiastically taken up in a number of places. Of course, what they all conveniently left out is that the only people in the whole parade that have a broad consensus of intelligent people, atheist and theist alike, insisting that they are naked are Dawkins and his supporters.

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