Friday, November 06, 2009

Central Texas Muslims on Fort Hood Shootings

The recent shooting at Fort Hood has stirred up some anti-Muslim feeling, so I think it's worth remembering that there are quite a few Muslims in this area who are combat veterans or active duty soldiers, and that even those who weren't were praying, when the first word of the shooting got out, that the shooter wasn't Muslim, for fear of potential backlash. The following press release was sent out yesterday:


The Muslim community of Central Texas – among them many US Armed Forces veterans – condemns in the strongest terms the shootings today at neighboring Fort Hood, where 12 soldiers awaiting deployment were murdered by a lone gunman, reported to be Maj. Malik Nadal Hasan.

Under no circumstances – religious, political, or social – can such an act be justified or tolerated.

Central Texas Muslims stand with their neighbors and join scores of other local and national Muslim organizations in offering prayers for the victims, condolences to their families, and assistance where needed.

The Central Texas Muslim community includes many veterans and active-duty personnel in the US Armed Forces, and countless other Muslims have served in the US military with distinction and honor.

We call on all Central Texans to come together at this time and emphasize our common values, respect for the law, and duty to our country.

For additional information, please contact any of the following Central Texas Muslim community members:

* Shahed Amanullah, Austin, TX –
* Ian Benouis, (West Point graduate, combat veteran), Austin, TX –
* Siham Naseef, Austin, TX –

It will be necessary over the next few days to keep an eye out for any of the reactionary bigotry that typically follows in the wake of the terrible actions of a single disturbed individual.

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