Friday, November 06, 2009

Linkable Thinkables

* Mrs. Darwin has a picture of a statue in Hungary memorializing the most successful author in the world: Anonymous. She also has a picture of a stone in a Cologne plaza which some corner-cutting memorialist carved with the words "This Could Be a Place of Historical Importance." Part history, part mystery!

* Hans Kung attacks the recent (much needed) papal reform of how the Catholic Church handles Anglican converts as an example of the Pope's opposition to reform. And yet again he manages to connect the issue to his favorite theological topic, the Spiritual Labors of Hans Kung. Say what you will about Benedict XVI, but Ratzinger and Kung have always had this difference: Ratzinger at least turns every theological discussion into a discussion of Christ, while Kung somehow manages to turn every theological discussion into a discussion of how Hans Kung is an insufficiently appreciated voice crying out in the wilderness. It happens regularly enough that you could turn it into a drinking game.

* The 300th Christian Carnival is up at "Brain Cramps for God".

* Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols (ht)

* John Heard has a post on why he is still Catholic.

* A U.S. plan from the 1930s for invading Canada (and a Canadian plan from 1921 for defending against the U.S.). The Canadian plan is a good one: hamper American invasion by forcing them to go back and protect cities on American territory until someone steps in to help.

* The new edition of The Reasoner is up; the article by Danny Frederick on following the argument where it leads was interesting.

* "The Lion and the Cardinal" has an interesting post on the Danse Macabre.

* An interesting criticism of Rothbard on the subject of natural and positive law, by Carlo Lottieri.

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