Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ralph McInerny (1929-2010)

Ralph McInerny died yesterday, age 80. McInerny was a philosopher and novelist (author of the Father Dowling series of mysteries). His most significant philosophical work was probably Aquinas and Analogy. Here are things online that are by McInerny:

At The Catholic Thing
Theology for Dummies
The Chesterbelloc Thing
Noblesse Oblique
Vice and Verse
Implicit Philosophy
You Have Mail
Mammon and Uniquity
A Dickens of a Christmas
No Country for Old Men
One That Got Away
The Happy Fault
The Hazards of Hedonism
Is Obama Worth a Mass?

Present at the Apocalypse
Lingua Franca
Unity vs. Diversity
A House Divided
The Marrying Animal
Don't You Know?
The Dean's Daughter
We Lepers
Otto Bird
Philosophia Perennis
Pascal's Memorial
On the Road to Limerick
Inconclusive Postscript
Sealed with an X
Flourish. Exeunt Omnes.

Aquinas on Divine Omnipotence
Europe: The Mirror of the Future
Natural Law and Human Rights
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Ralph McInerny on a Forgotten Thomist (interview about Charles De Koninck)
What Went Wrong with Vatican II, Chapter One
A History of Western Philosophy
The Writing Life
Why the Burden of Proof is on the Atheist
The Greene-ing of America

A Conversation with Ralph McInerny

Introducing the International Catholic University
Introduction to Thomas Aquinas
Medieval Philosophy: Thomas Aquinas
Metaphysics and Fides et Ratio
Introduction to Moral Philosophy 1
Introduction to Moral Philosophy 2
Introduction to Moral Philosophy 3
Introduction to Moral Philosophy 4
Introduction to Moral Philosophy 5
Ancient Philosophy
Newman and Kierkegaard

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