Friday, November 26, 2010

Queen Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin and Great Martyr

I'm visiting family, but I did have to post something for St. Catherine's Day. St. Catherine of Alexandria, of course, is patron saint of philosophers.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Vox sonora nostri chori,
Nostro sonet Conditori,
Qui disponit omnia,
Per quem dimicat imbellis,
Per quem datur et puellis
De viris victoria;

Per quem plebs Alexandrina
Faeminae non feminina
Stupuit ingenia,
Quum beata Catharina
Doctos vinceret doctrina,
Ferrum patientia.

Catherine of Alexandria Pacher

Florem teneri decoris,
Lectionis et laboris
Attrivere studia :
Nam perlegit disciplinas
Saeculares et divinas
In adolescentia.

Vas electum, vas virtutum,
Reputavit sicut lutum
Bona transitoria,
Et reduxit in contemptum
Patris opes et parentum
Larga patrimonia.

Barna da Siena. Mystic Marriage of st Catherine. Boston MFA

Vasis oleum includens,
Virgo sapiens et prudens
Sponso pergit obvia,
Ut, adventus ejus hora,
Praeparata, sine mora
Intret ad convivia.

Sistitur imperatori,
Cupiens pro Christo mori;
Cujus in prsesentia
Quinquagiuta sapientes
Mutos reddit et silentes
Virginis facundia.
Lorenzo Lotto 028

Not being as philosophical an era as the Middle Ages, or even the Renaissance, we pay less attention to St. Catherine. But it is always salutary to remember St. Catherine's broken wheel: if you try to break Philosophy on the wheel -- whatever the wheel may be -- it will break the wheel.


  1. Arsen Darnay9:36 AM

    A philosopher whose patron saint is Catherine is a poet by another name!

  2. branemrys8:32 PM

    Well, the poem here,, a traditional hymn, is by Adam of St. Victor, although he was indeed a very philosophical poet. But, as Aristotle said, lovers of myth (philomythoi) and lovers of wisdom (philosophoi) are alike.

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