Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Poem Draft

This was actually an attempt, in a bout of insomnia, to throw out something that used only bacchii and antibacchii as its metrical feet (I cheat on the last line with a spondee). Tricky, tricky feet, those two; in accentual poetry of the sort we have in English, it's very difficult to make it so that they don't sound clunky . This needs work, but I think it can be classed as a reasonably successful experiment, particularly the first stanza.

Times and Tides

In times past the world fled
from dark days, hearts broken;
but this age of cold souls
from black times seeks tokens.

(Tides flowing back quickly
hopes carry in cold foam;
ships sail in storms raging,
catch tempest and fly home.)

In times past the tides taught
the hot hearts to slow down;
new ages speed faster,
seek ever new crowns.

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