Monday, November 28, 2011

Five Thousandth Post

This is, according to Blogger, my five thousandth post here. Also according to Blogger, here are the most visited posts, with #1 being the most visited:

1. Rule of Law vs. Rule by Law (August 2005)

2. Jesuit Jokes (June 2011)

3. Best Known Philosophical Sentences (July 2004)

4. Water is Not H2O (October 2011)

5. Immanuel Kant's Guide to a Good Dinner Party (July 2010)

The blogs that have sent me the most traffic since Blogger began keeping track in June 2009 are:

Philosophy, et cetera
Edward Feser
Catholic and Enjoying It!
Just Thomism
Evolving Thoughts

Far and the way the countries that send me the most traffic are:



  1. Arsen Darnay8:45 AM

    Happy Five-Thousandth, Siris! What a landmark. What an effort!

  2. Catherine Hodge12:16 PM

    I would bet good money that everyone one of your hits from our blog this month was me compulsively checking to see if you'd posted another chapter of Aegidius.

    Congratulations on the big 5-0-0-0! Can't wait to read the next 5000 posts.

  3. branemrys7:35 PM


  4. branemrys7:36 PM

    I bet there's a few others who use the link!

    At this point 5000 more posts sounds like a lot of writing. But we probably can make a good dent in that.

  5. hello, congrats, was wondering if you've had occasion to read Andrew Radde-Gallwitz on divine simplicity, mentioned in the comments section here: 

    and if so what is your assessment of his thoughts

  6. branemrys12:54 PM

    I have not, although, looking at descriptions of it, it looks like it makes a plausible argument; many discussions of simplicity in philosophy of religion are vitiated by anachronistic understandings of simplicity (in particular, by importing much later ideas of identity into the doctrine).


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