Monday, November 28, 2011

Aegidius Draft V

I'll slowly be putting up rough draft chapters at While I'll be writing every day, I'll only be posting as chapters are finished.

Capitulum Primum: Wherein we meet the Wolf of Wolves
Capitulum Secundum: Wherein we learn something of Wolves
Capitulum Tertium: Wherein a plan is made
Capitulum Quartum: Wherein a war begins
Capitulum Quintum
Capitulum Sextum
Capitulum Septimum

Two more chapters today. This brings us to something over 13500 words; mostly talking, talking, talking. An artifact of trying to throw it hurriedly together in bits and pieces in times I have free; since I think in fragmentary dialogues, that's what's going to get put down if I'm in a hurry. There should be one more chapter up by December 1, and then we'll assess where things are at. I've pretty much given up on subtitles to chapters, because with all the discussion the subtitles would pretty much have to be variations on "Wherein people talk some more".

In 6 and 7 we more or less get an answer to Cat's question about what Giles was really at with "anonymous renegade" swipe at Eric, i.e., it wasn't really directed at Eric but at another person at the table; and we finally move a step closer to discovering who killed Joanne. Giles also lets slip a tiny bit more of his unpleasant side.


  1. Catherine Hodge1:44 AM

    I'm interested by the way you have to handle an omniscient character like Giles. Since he's already aware of all of the wheels-within-wheels, you have to frame the story so that the reader is completely mislead by following clues in the wrong direction. I did not figure Eric for a plant, though remembering your response to someone's early criticism of Eric, now I see you must have been setting that up the whole time. 

  2. branemrys11:24 AM

    Well, something like this was the intent the whole time; I don't think I really set it up all that well. Part of the problem is that Eric is not supposed to be villainous, just in over his head, and I've never quite settled on what that really means for his personality. Most of Eric's storyline is just an adjunct to the development of the Jolie arc, and here at the draft stage I think that ends up giving a bit too much air of arbitrary contrivance to him.


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