Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Notable Links for Noting and Linking

* An interesting post by Eric Schliesser on Hume and Clarke on Newton

* In 1961 C. S. Lewis nominated J. R. R. Tolkien (whose birthday anniversary on January 3 recently passed) for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The Prize Committee was rather dismissive (although given how dismissive they were of the others, Tolkien was in good company). In any case, Tolkien wouldn't have cared either way, and Ivo Andrić, who actually won, did some good work with the prize money by donating it for the development of libraries in Bosnia.

* Is frankincense on its way to extinction?

* An interesting post on Euripides' Bacchae at "Rethink"

* John Haldane on Michael Dummett

* A post on Berkeley's philosophy of language

* The IEP article on Platonism and Theism has some interesting bits.

* MrsDarwin comments on Catholic discernment.


  1. Ashok Karra2:54 AM

    Many thanks for the link! I'm still thinking through what on earth Euripides could have meant. There are issues of "fear" and "shame" outstanding: concepts prior to virtue (and politics) but controlled by Dionysus, it seems, completely.

    You've got a great blog and I'll be checking more of it out soon.

  2. branemrys1:04 PM


    It is indeed tough to wrap one's mind around everything Euripides is saying; that's possibly part the point, I suppose. I think you're right that this issue of shame is a big one.


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