Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Poem Drafts

Hy Breasail

Valiant-timbered reason
through the river-veins
of vine-rich jungle-lands
vales of mist discovers;

there visions softly rain,
swiftly flood the rivers,
with vital, vivid dreams.

In Luthany the Shadows Fall

In Luthany the shadows fall
on ruins of deserted halls
that, great of beam, still rise on high,
that, strong of stone, yet stand and wait;
for earth may fade and sun may die
but Luthany will stand and wait.

In Luthany the birds yet trill
and there are lark and whippoorwill,
where nightingales remember days
and mockingbirds recall the years
when merchants traversed well-trod ways;
but only birds recall those years.

Yet someday soon will woods awake
and gods undie and hearts unbreak;
and then the dreaming souls will rise,
and then the sleeping land will dance,
when lives again the thing that dies,
when you and I once more will dance.

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