Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three Poem Drafts


I know, think, feel
the cold, hard life
of black stone;
the bright sun cheers
but heart's tears flow
in salt streams.


Cold stars at night shine down with love;
soft hearts in pain dream deeply here,
each seeking sure hope in night's cool sleep.
Each finds release, living love makes whole
torn souls with deep, full draughts of life.
Dark veils of night true peace may hide,
give hope through dream, pour down bright truth,
bring joy to each heart that seeks God's grace.


Make of me a pendant
and let me lie
upon the gentle zephyr
of breath and sigh
that in and out you take;
there let me die
of joy in that fair place --
though I am shy
I dare demand this grace
and mercy high.


  1. Melancholy seems your theme of late. 

    However, one is always cheered by finishing a big project, like, say, a novel, and I think you should consider it a sign that not only is the full moon this Friday, but this August is a month that occurs once in a blue moon.

  2. Hmm. That sounds a little hint-like....


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