Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Beautified, Replenished, Comforted, Still Gazing

Ascension Eve
by Christina Rossetti

O Lord Almighty, Who hast formed us weak,
With us whom Thou hast formed deal fatherly;
Be found of us whom Thou hast deigned to seek,
Be found that we the more may seek for Thee;
Lord, speak and grant us ears to hear Thee speak;
Lord, come to us and grant us eyes to see;
Lord, make us meek, for Thou Thyself art meek;
Lord, Thou art Love, fill us with charity.
O Thou the Life of living and of dead,
Who givest more the more Thyself hast given,
Suffice us as Thy saints Thou hast sufficed;
That beautified, replenished, comforted,
Still gazing off from earth and up at heaven
We may pursue Thy steps, Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. If I understand rightly, Rossetti was not a Catholic, but the poem in its alternation of petition and praise seems to resemble the structures of the collect, alleluia, offertory, secret, and communion prayers of the Mass. The particular details in the poem seem also to resemble those of the prayers for Ascension Eve. E.g., Collect: O God, from whom all good things do come: grant to us that by thy inspiration we may think what is right, and under thy guidance carry out the same. Secret: Receive, O Lord, the prayers and sacrifices of thy faithful people: that through the service of our loving devotion we may attain to heavenly glory. Postcommunion: Grant us, O Lord, whom thou has filled with the strength of this heavenly banquet, both to desire what is right and to obtain what we desire.


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