Friday, April 11, 2014

Chrysologus for Lent XXXVIII

Why should Christians not trust Despair or Unbelief? They are the way Death wages war; with these generals and with these tactics in a battle of this sort she captures, crushes, and kills all those whom nature brings forth into the present life. She holds sway over kings, she conquers peoples, she routs nations. It has never been possible to bribe her with wealth, or to move her by entreaties, or to soften her by tears, or to conquer her by strength.

Sermon 118, section 6.


  1. Itinérante3:57 AM

    Wow! It hit home.

  2. branemrys7:44 AM

    The idea of despair as death's way of gaining power over life does seem to have a lot of relevance to everyone.


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