Tuesday, May 03, 2016

A Quick Trip to Italy, Miscellanea II

Florence: Museo archeologico nazionale di Firenze

Ancient putti:

Egyptian mummy; alas, I had difficulty getting proper focus through the glass:

View from a window:

Florence: San Lorenzo

A couple of details from inside:

Another view of the tablet for Bl. Nicholas Steno:


We didn't stop there, but on the way to Pisa we passed through Pistoia, the City of Plants; it is one of the world's major exporters of decorative plants. It was rather surreal; everywhere you looked all the plants were lined up in rows, tiny little bushes marching in parallel ranks with great big trees.

The Miracles Square:

Details on the Cathedral:

Some more of the Tower:

The Pisan version of the Capitoline Wolf. The primary one is in Rome, of course. I never learned if there was any story behind a copy hanging around on a pillar in the Plaza of Miracles.

to be continued

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