Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bright Flames from the Heavenly Portals

Ode for the Coming of the Holy Spirit
by Gregory of Narek
translated by Abraham Terian

A sudden blast, effluence from the Father,
Streaming like fire, a path marked by bright flames from the heavenly portals,
Separate flames (driven) by blasting wind, many flames of assorted languages.

Celestial silence amid the multiplicity of sounds
Bringing good news to the sad assembly,
Invitation to good things for the Petrine company.

To the One who cleanses with fire we raise
A balanced song (of praise) in nine lines,
For the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit:

Spirit of the Father, coming from his very presence,
Spirit of God, Spirit of might, Spirit of meekness,
Spirit of knowledge (and) wisdom, Spirit of counsel and understanding.

I beg you not to convict me, ever.
Abide within me, a temple built by you.
Your will is an accomplished act.

You, whose will is good, show your benevolent act within me, a manifold sinner,
That by your will I may sing songs of praise to you who are Existent,
And renew me unto glory.

[from The Festal Works of St. Gregory of Narek, Terian, tr., Liturgical Press (Collegeville, MN: 2016) pp. 89-91.]

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