Sunday, May 15, 2016

Maronite Year XLVII

Sunday of Pentecost
Acts 2:1-21; John 14:15-20

The Lord pours his Spirit out on all,
sons and daughters prophesy for Him,
elders dream true dreams, youths have visions.
On those who serve, both men and women,
the holy Virgin, the apostles,
He pours out His Spirit with glory.
Who calls on His great name will be saved,
salvation comes to Jerusalem,
for the Lord has spoken in His love.

Holy God, You give us true life;
Holy Mighty, You confirm our hearts;
Holy Immortal, You send us forth.
Upon the cross You saved us, O Christ;
today you send us the Consoler,
that we may announce your name to all.

At the time You ascended on high,
You raised Your hands and poured out blessings,
telling Your apostles they must wait.
Gathered together as the one Church,
they heard a noise; the Spirit filled them.
the simple spoke Your truth in all tongues.
With words of flame they spoke Your good news,
going into all the world to save souls,
bringing wonders and casting their nets.

They feared no rulers, dreaded no death,
in all places proclaiming the faith,
that God through love was made manifest.
Their zeal made them seem drunk, as with wine,
but their glory was in their Spirit,
their intoxication, love of You.

Confirm us, Lord, in Your holy faith,
adorn us with Your Holy Spirit;
we beg You for Your spiritual gifts.
Bind us to the apostolic Church,
whose pillar is the bishop of Rome,
which is tended by priests and deacons.
Defend Your Church against vainglory,
sanctify her shepherds with Your grace,
and purify her children from death.

You have clothed us in baptismal clothes;
make Your light shine in all hearts through us,
we who receive You at the altar.
Grant us to receive the Life-giver,
the consoling Spirit whom You send,
the Spirit who unites us to You.

Tongues of flame were on the apostles;
ardent love grant to us Your servants,
the love that speaks in every tongue.
Kindle in us apostolic zeal
that we may carry Your love to all
until all glorify Your Father.
Your love, O Lord, is consuming fire,
and You, O Lord, are consuming love;
through our love, Lord, set the world aflame.

To those who love Christ, He sends His truth,
the truth-giving Spirit as a friend,
through overshadowing bringing light.
The apostles witnessed to their Lord;
they came out announcing to the world:
'The Son has risen in His glory.'

The Spirit of life speaks through prophets;
He witnesses through the apostles;
Lord, may we be made splendid in Him.
And we beg You, O Holy Spirit,
Spirit of might, of knowledge, of fear,
that You be our love and our wisdom.
Spirit of wisdom and compassion,
give life to the Church of our Lord Christ,
and truth to the tongues of her people.

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