Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Links for Thinking

* MrsDarwin's review of the Whit Stillman movie, Love and Friendship

* Whewell's Gazette 2.43 for all those interested in the history of science

* Greg Restall on logical pluralism for 3AM

* Ali Minai has a fascinating discussion of the early history of Islam in light of its coins.

* At the SEP:
Julie Maybee, Hegel's Dialectics
Katerina Ierodiakonou, Theophrastus

* Adolfo Giuliani, Civilian Treatises on Presumptions, 1580-1620 (PDF)

* Amod Lele discusses the Garfield and Van Norden article on philosophical curricula.

* Ken Wharton and Huw Price on least action principles

* How Nigeria came to dominate Scrabble

* Gwen Bradford on the philosophical analysis of the concept of achievement.

* Rebecca Stark on Job 38:41

* Richard Beck on shape-note singing. I happen to have a copy of the Sacred Selections hymnal he mentions; the 1964 edition of it, I believe.

* There was some recent hubbub over the possible discovery of Aristotle's tomb in Stagira recently. (Strictly speaking, it was a hubbub over a paper that was delivered at the World Aristotle Congress suggesting that a tomb discovered several years ago might be Aristotle's.) David Meadows looks at the actual evidence for the claim.

* Adam Frank on Dogen

* Medieval dining

* An interesting page on the geometry of the Basilica of Sagrada Familia

* The Melkite Catholic Archbishop of Aleppo criticizes those who think that taking in refugees is actually solving any problem.

* David Mills on the allergy some Catholics have to the word 'mercy'

* First communion for Syriac Catholic refugees

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