Saturday, August 18, 2018

Two Poem Drafts


The breezes breathe upon my cheek,
the sylphan zephyrs sigh;
the heat of day now falls away
beneath the black of sky.
The heat of day is beaten back,
the heart in uplift sings;
the track I travel through the night
beneath my footstep rings,
and soon the moon will rise and gleam
with light no shadow mars
amid that field a-bloom with dreams,
the sky semé with stars.


Never knew I how to dream
until I dreamed of you
walking through the garden ways,
the grasses rich with dew,
thick and humming buzz of bees
beginning just to build.
Then and there I bent the knee,
my heart to you to yield;
there and then I knew the light,
my heart with wonder stilled.

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