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Dashed Off XI

 modalities of personhood: age, mental condition, manner of dwelling (citizenship, residence, refugee status, etc.), familial role, civil role, ecclesial role)

Canon law is a means by which bishops preserve and protect the Church as a social instrumentality of Christ.

The Church has an intrinsic right to care for, investigate, announce, and expound the deposit of faith.

archive : philosophy :: memory storage : computing

the role of recall-from-archive in philosophical problem-solving

input, output, storage, and processing requirements for kinds of inquiry

filial piety as a sign of the divine Word

(1) Implicit in all episcopal authority is global scope (Mt 29:18-20).
(2) That the mission of the Church may be carried out in order and in an efficacious way, bishops have been organized by territory.
(3) Yet bishops still exercise their global authority synodally.
(4) And they hold it as well as an emergency residual power, for if all bishops save one were to die, that bishop would have the whole world as his jurisdiction.

quoting as an argument by analogy, when one quotes in evidence of something

The livelihood of workers is not 'capitalism'.

Value is always relative to survival, reproduction, or reason, or some combination of the three.

negative properties of the Church: indivisible, indefectible, illimitable, ineradicable
-- The Notes of the Church, being positive, are found wherever the Church is; the negative properties only apply to the Church as a whole.

To experience is already to accept the existence of the world and of oneself.

Aquinas's account of the episcopacy can explain how metropolitans, patriarchs, etc. can have the role that they have despite these not being sacramental -- they unfold naturally, not arbitrarily, out of episcopal authority insofar as its end is the Mystical Body.

A written constitution should consider quarantine as well as war.

"The mystery is a sacred ritual action in which a saving deed is made present through the rite; the congregation, by performing the rite, take part in the saving act, and thereby win salvation." Casel
"The Church not only stretches far beyond all national boundaries of one age, but from the beginning of the world to the end, from penitent Adam the just man to the last saint at the world's end."
"Christian worship is no longer bound to time but to eternity; it does not have to keep the days and hours; it is always in the new age, the aion. When we worship, we step out of time....In the Spirit we are in heaven; in the body we are in time still."

CCC 1085: The Paschal Mystery cannot only remain in the past because (1) by his death he destroyed death and (2) all that Christ is participates in divine eternity, transcending all times while present in them all. "The event of the Cross and Resurrection abides."

the Session of Christ as the bridge between the life of Christ and our own
"What was visible in our Redeemer has passed over into the mysteries." Leo

The liturgy of the Church is a patient cooperation with the life of Christ.

One act of the Spirit works in the life of Christ and the mysteries representing it.

active tradition (perfection/completion), passive tradition (prehension), reconstruction

Perfection of being
(1) as excluding privation
(2) as excluding potentiality
(3) as having integrity

the intellect as its own ostensive power (this is related to formal signs)

All persuasive agency presupposes some power to compel to something.

"...the living organ of experience is the living body as a whole." Whitehead

common-not = rare; common = rare not; not rare not = not common; not rare = not common not
Rare (b and not c); b; therefore probably c
probability as commonnness

'hoc dicimus esse finem in quod tendit impetus agentis' SCG 3.2

The fundamental source of power in a legislature is control of schedule, and thus agenda. The fundamental source of power in the executive is control of channels of authorization, i.e., ways in which you can do something on someone else's responsibility.

'Notwithstanding' is one of the most powerful words in law.

might-as-well-be (mawb): mawb 0 and mawb 1 play a massive role in our actual thinking about probability

jus canonica -> lex canonica
Jus canonica is intrinsic to the Church as a community; lex canonica arises over time through verdict and codification.

Datum is not reality but notation.

Death is understood only in terms of immortality, even if only counterfactually or hypothetically.

centrality measures in influence networks
(1) degree centrality: how many others in contact with
(2) eigencentrality: how many highly connected others in contact with
(3) betweenness centrality: how often the shortest path of connection
(4) closeness centrality: average shortness of path with everyone
examples of exercise of political influence
(1) tour: degree centrality increase
(2) ad limina: eigencentrality increase
(3) hosting: betweenness centrality increase
(4) universal communication: closeness centrality increase

passive influence (connection to influence network) vs active influence (increase of connection to influence network)

A consumerist economy by its nature requires a labor structure in which large numbers of workers can be easily fired or hired.

Aquinas talks about "the ultimate end of human life and virtues and vices" in Part II of the Summa so that there is a framework for talking in the Tertia Pars about "the benefits that Christ offered to the human race."

sensus communis & perceiving the difference between presence and absence

CCC 1099: "The Holy Spirit is the Church's living memory."

bounded freedom vs notwithstanding freedom vs executive freedom

Too much epistemology assumes that evidence is never messy when in reality that is its natural state.

Hb 11:3 and divine ideas

A meritorious cause causes because merit is accepted by a principal cause whose causing takes the merit into account.

Authority of person creates authority of offices, although they are distinct and the latter outlasts the former.

If you merely attack 'Sunday Christians', you just get people who are not even Christians on Sunday. If you merely attack hypocrites, you get people who aren't even so concerned with morality as hypocrites. You need to give people simple ways to step above rather than sink below.

intrinsic, inhering, extrinsic is often better than intrinsic, extrinsic

Being clothed is an inhering sign; the clothing is an extrinsic sign.

Much of our sense of reasonableness is shaped by our sense of loyalty.

"The Master taught by means of four things: letters, ethics, devotion of soul, and truthfulness." Analects 7.24

The principle of liberalism easily degenerates into treating the faking of unity as the end of society, being one as nothing but collectively self-identifying as one.

Scorn is an attitude that requires standing for having it.

Compounding interest actually levels off or collapses because as the interest increases it becomes harder to collect.

Institutional expectations about professions are grounded in professional roles, not vice versa.

(1) Medicine as a Humanitarian Tradition
(2) Virtue Cultivation in Medicine
(3) Perversion of Medicine
(4) Internal Moralities of Medicine
(5) The Patient as Participant in the Humanitarian Tradition
(6) Responsibilities of Deference
(7) Privileged Communication
(8) Conscientious Work and Conscientious Objection
(9) Medical Honor and Professional Courtesy
(10) Triage
(11) Development of Professional Ethics out of the Tradition
(12) Obligations of Medical Institutions and Societies to Professionals
(13) Obligations of Medical Institutions and Societies to Patients
(14) Interactions of Medicine and Law/
(15) Medical Greatness

A common failure in discussions of free verse is the failure to recognize that nobody speaks in free verse.

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