Friday, May 28, 2021

Poem a Day 28


We labor under law,
our actions shaped
by reason's given rule;
the parent's guide,
decrees and edicts writ
by councils, kings,
and crownless presidents,
who gain their might
from law which bubbles up
from people's customs,
which is a norm and law
that constitutes
the very things of law
and makes them be.
But whence the force of law
in custom's bounds?
The human mind is law
and regulates
the bounds of human act
with rightful rule
that merges with the light
that makes the world
a thing that can be seen.
It shines like sun,
too bright to see itself,
to make all seen.
Is this the root of law,
some fountain gush
without a further source?
I say instead
that light is pouring down,
and therefore law,
from endless angel choirs
in bright array,
for spirit is a law;
it rues and binds,
and like a golden chain
in mind to mind
the law runs up and up
to holy God,
who is the highest law,
for, clear and pure,
true goodhood is The Law.

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