Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Two Poem Drafts

 Saint Hubert

When Hubert saw the Cross
aloft in starry splendor
between the royal antlers
of a stag as white as snow,
he found all hearts' desire;
his hunt was thereby over;
old life he cast behind him
and his maker he did know.

When Hubert saw the Cross,
a sign beyond all seeking,
he was reborn for heaven
where the lustral waters flow.
Look up to see your sign.
Perhaps you'll find new splendor,
maybe heaven's starry sky
or a stag as white as snow.

Worlds of Hope

This world grinds you down;
with all that you face,
it's no surprise that you frown,
that there's a shade on your brow;
and you hear all the songs --
'Just be true to yourself' --
and wonder where you went wrong,
you've been crumbling so long.

There are worlds within you,
beyond what the world
has ever known of you,
can ever know of you.
There are galaxies within you
beyond what the world
has ever brought to its view;
there is more inside you.
The world will never know
the depths of your heart
beyond what you can show,
beyond what even you know.

This world brings you low.
There may be stars in the sky,
but how could you ever know
through the cloud and storm and snow?
And the advice that it gives
never touches much at all
on the life that you live
at the bottom of this rift.

The world with shallow sight
is rarely your friend;
never assume that it's right.
It has no way to be right.
Never press your heart
into the mold it gives you;
never play the part
that the world tries to hand you,
there is more inside you.
This world will never know
the depths of your heart
beyond what you can show,
beyond what even you know.

Though your hopes sleep,
somewhere beneath you
your roots run deep.
Though your eyes cry,
somewhere above you
is an infinite sky
where your destiny lies.
It's not all about you,
but you do touch all things,
and I tell you true:
There are worlds inside you,
worlds of hope inside you.

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