Wednesday, December 15, 2021

I Am the North Wind Bold!

 The Four Winds
by Mary E. M. Richardson

What is the North Wind's boast
When like a mighty host
From the bleak Arctic coast
It rushes forth?
"I am the North Wind bold!
I bring distress and cold;
I come like Viking old,
From the chill north!"

What does the East Wind sing,
When like some frantic thing,
Flapping a noisy wing,
It flies apace?
"I come across the main!
I dash across the plain
With storm winds in my train!
I vex and chase!"

What do the West Winds say
When o'er the lands they stray,
Driving the clouds away
With might force?
"Beyond the Rocky crest,
Far in the boundless west,
Where sinks the sun to rest
We have our source!"

How speaks the sweet South Wind
In zephyrs soft and kind:--
"For me the trees have pined 
Through wintry hours!
Far over the Southern Sea,
From land of Araby,
Come I to whisper thee
Promise of flowers!"