Thursday, September 15, 2022

Links of Note

 * Mahrad Almotahari & Brian Rabern, The Onus in 'Ought' (PDF)

* Marcus Hunt, Kant & Fate (PDF)

* Armin Rosen, It's Open Season on Jews in New York City, looks at the increase of harassments and assaults against Jews, especially Orthodox Jews, in NYC, and the reasons for the almost nonexistence of arrests and convictions for them.

* Olaf Muller, Goethe contra Newton on Colours, Light, and the Philosophy of Science (PDF)

* David P. Hunt, Evil and Theistic Minimalism (PDF)

* David Polansky, What price enlightenment?, looks at the malaise in higher education

* Alastair Roberts, The Death of the Queen and a Christian Understanding of Sovereignty

* Billon Alexandre, The Sense of Existence (PDF)

* Catarina Dutilh Novaes, Two Types of Refutation in Philosophical Argumentation

* Justin Mooney, The Nonconsequentialist Argument from Evil (PDF)

* Jason Manning, Books: The Rejection of Continental Drift, reviews Naomi Oreskes's The Rejection of Continental Drift

* Someone has recently scanned into the Internet Archive the two volumes of Cardinal Mercier's Modern Scholastic Philosophy.

* Carlotta Pavese, The Epistemology of Skills (PDF)