Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Seventh Day of the Month

In what has become my custom here, I review the year just passed by way of the posts I had on the seventh day of each month.

January: Notes and Links

February: Basic Science Concepts List

Wherein I Engage in Profanity in Order to Be a Blogger

Querelle de la Rose

March: National Religious Campaign Against Torture

The Passion of Perpetua

Rough Jottings on Essence and Energies

Sic et Non

April: Christina Rosetti on Easter Eve

Via Crucis

Notes and Links

May: Substandard Treatment of Aquinas's Ways

MacIntyre on Inquiry and Narrative

June: Two More Poem Drafts

Pange, Lingua

A Corpus Christi Poem Draft

MacIntyre on the Rationality of a Craft Tradition

July: Busy, Busy, Busy

Seven Wonders

August: No posts

September: Rationalists are Growing Rational

October: Dawkins and the 'Jewish Lobby'

November: Sub Actione Unius Spiritus Sancti

Most Young People Everywhere

December: Ambrose

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